" Rob Whitworth is the most accomplished
hyperlapse cameraman of our day."

BBC Natural History Unit

Rob Whitworth is a BAFTA winning EMMY nominated film maker. 

His unique flow motion works are instantly identifiable, with gripping perspectives that create a profoundly transformative experience. 

Through the manipulation of time-lapse photography, Rob lifts the constraints of time and space to create compelling stories.

Rob has completed projects all over the world; from Pyongyang - North Korea to Buenos Aires - Argentina. For a number of the world leading brands; Samsung, McDonald's, Nike.

Rob’s recent major projects include: creating the title sequence for Fifa 2018 World Cup coverage on the BBC, a cold open sequence for an upcoming Netflix show filmed in New York, a series of short films for Turkish Airlines, an IF design award winning film for Samsung and a ground-breaking visual flight through Dubai. 


BAFTA - Television Craft - Photography Factual 2017

Emmy Nominated 2017
Outstanding Cinematography For A Nonfiction Program

Travel Film Festival 2017 Winner -  Travel Commercial

Zagreb Tourfilm Festival 2017 Best Timelapse

VI Edition of Finisterra Arrábida Film Art & Tourism Festival 2017 - BIG AWARD, BEST INNOVATION, BEST VISUAL EFFECTS

1st Prize in Travel Destinations, 1st Prize in Routes, Expeditions and Travel and 1st Prize in Animation at terres Catalunya - International Eco & Tourism Film Festival 2017

First Star for Innovation Das Goldene Stadttor Germany 2017

IF Design Award 2016

Vimeo Top Videos of 2015

First Prize at Muestra de timelapses el Castillo Spain 2015

Winner of  Innovative Use of 4K at Digital Studio Awards United Arab Emirates 2015

Winner of Gold Award at Timelapse Showfest Spain 2015

Winner of Best Experimental Film at Tiburon International Film Festival USA 2014

Winner of Jury’s Choice Award at the 5th Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Fest Malaysia 2012

Winner of Best Experimental Film at Tiburon International Film Festival USA 2012

Winner of Wojciech Jerzy Special Award, Snap Film Festival Poland 2012



Official Selection International Timelapse Festival 2017

Lana Lights Festival Italy 2015

Gurgaon International Film and Literature Festival India 2015

International Film Festival Rotterdam Holland 2015

Norwich Film Festival UK 2013

Seattle Design Festival Seattle 2013

Timelapse Showfest Madrid 2013

Zero Film Festival Toronto and Montreal USA 2013

DisOrient Asian American Film Festival Oregon USA 2012

Mudfest Mudgee Australia 2012

ANIMAYO Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Spain 2012

Norwich Film Festival UK 2012

Zero Film Festival London and New York UK USA 2012

New Media Film Festival Los Angeles USA 2012

London International Creative Competition (LICC) London UK 2012


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