"What Cezanne did for apples,
Rob Whitworth does for city traffic"
Robert Krulwich - National Public Radio (NPR)
Rob Whitworth is a prominent urban filmmaker pushing the boundaries of his medium to reveal locations in a powerful and compelling manner. Through the manipulation of time-lapse photography, Rob lifts the constraints of time and space to capture the vibrancy of destinations on a grand scale. Rob’s flow motion works are instantly identifiable, with gripping perspectives that create a profoundly transformative experience.
Rob’s recent major projects include: shoots for Samsung; a ground-breaking visual flight through Dubai; Planet Earth 2 for the BBC Natural History Unit; a Facebook video for Nike set in San Francisco; a viral video of Barcelona commissioned by the Catalan tourism board, and a series of short films for Turkish Airlines.

His works have gained widespread critical acclaim, and received over 9 million online views on his own Vimeo channel alone

Petapixel (July 2014) This ‘Flow-Motion’ Hyperlapse of Barcelona Won’t ‘Blow Your Mind’… But It’ll Get Close